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3 Ways to Scale Your Video Marketing Efforts in SaaS

Make the most out of your video and enhance your marketing strategies

You may think this is just another run of the mill blog all about how video is king and should be dominating your marketing strategy. But it isn’t. Now, don’t get us wrong–is video marketing important in SaaS? Absolutely. Does it help to engage audiences? You bet. Are most SaaS companies producing enough video content?  Definitely not.

Video marketing talks a big game. But rather than embracing it and weaving video into every step of the customer journey, many SaaS businesses are still under-utilizing the medium. Why? 61% of companies say that time and bandwidth are their biggest challenges when it comes to video, while 44% struggle with team size, resources, and technical ability.

Video really doesn’t have to be viewed as the holy grail of marketing. When it’s managed correctly, video can easily be produced at scale for businesses who are on the road to hypergrowth.

In this article, we’re sharing three key ways that SaaS businesses can level up their video marketing strategy (TL;DR: video doesn’t have to be scary!)

Templates enhance creativity

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we’re still going to say it –scalable creative is the key to growth. Videos are no different to any other piece of content (or at least they shouldn’t be). Templating video content is the easiest way to effectively accumulate a library of media that can be used across multiple marketing channels.  

When you have a successful formula for each type of video that needs to be produced (explainer videos, demo videos, case studies, social media snippets, etc), it’s infinitely easier to create variations of them. While some might argue that templating video production stunts creativity, here’s what actually happens when you systemize video creation:

  • You bank more content in less time
  • You get to understand the perceived quality of each piece of content
  • Video quality improves substantially

Templates enable businesses to take something that already works really well, and apply it to something new. The fast-changing nature of Saas also means that videos can easily be versioned when they follow a standardized format.  

Repurpose to reinforce 

One of the main reasons that businesses are spooked about video is because they’re already stretched when it comes to producing creative assets. But here’s the thing–you don’t have to reinvent the wheel with video because everything you need probably already exists. Blog posts, guides, webinars and customer stories should never be viewed as ‘one and done’ content. Instead, businesses should think about how audiences can consume these assets in different ways – e.g. repurposing blogs and guides into videos for multiple platforms, plugging important gaps in your asset library that will help you to scale effectively. 

This isn’t lazy marketing. The truth is that if you aren’t repurposing content, it’s most likely going to waste. Repurposing existing written content and creative assets into video reinforces the message that you are trying to share to a wider audience. And when you’ve done that, you can take it one step further by splicing and dicing your video content to suit multiple channels. The same 5 minute video that’s embedded on your home page can be repurposed into several shorter videos for your social media platforms.

Manage and monitor

The only way to successfully sustain a growing library of creative assets, particularly where video is concerned, is to properly manage and monitor your content. In simple terms, it’s vital to know a) what videos you’re creating, b) how long they take to produce and c) how they perform. When these three things are mapped out and monitored correctly, you can clearly see what’s working, so you can accelerate your efforts.

In terms of storage, it’s vital to have an asset management system in place to reduce friction as a company scales. That way, videos, along with all other creative assets can be easily be banked, searched for, shared and distributed by all relevant team members within the company. 

Video isn’t the holy grail – it’s low hanging fruit

When it’s managed correctly, video doesn’t have to be viewed as premium content that’s too time-consuming and difficult to incorporate into your creative strategy. In reality, video is simply another type of content that every growing SaaS business can (and should) produce at scale, without breaking the bank or burning out their already busy creative teams. 

At Perpetual, we think of video as a vital piece of creative output. But then again so is collateral, and presentations, and event signage, and landing page graphics….the bottom line is that it’s all important for businesses experiencing hypergrowth. While producing hundreds of creative assets every month is undoubtedly a huge undertaking. However, the real challenge often comes with cutting out guesswork–figuring out what works, what doesn’t, and how to improve on what you’re already working with. Luckily with SmarterCreative, we do both–produce high-quality creative, while removing strategic and organisational roadblocks that slow SaaS businesses down.

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